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$22.99 U.S.
ISBN: 9781939902184

Docker in Production

Joe Johnston, Justin Cormack, Antoni Batchelli, John Fiedler, and Milos Gajdos

Many books and blog posts already cover individual topics related to installing and running Docker, but few resources exist to weave together the myriad and sometimes forehead-to-wall-thumping concerns of running Docker in production. Fear not, if you enjoyed the movie Inception, you will feel right at home running containers in virtual machines on servers in the cloud.

This book will give you a solid understanding of the building blocks and concerns of architecting and running Docker-based infrastructure in production.

If you have experience in DevOps and ops backgrounds then this is the book for you. Previous experience with both the basics of running servers in production as well as creating and managing containers is also highly recommended.

Table of Contents:

1. Getting started

2. The Stack

3. Example - Barebones Environment

4. Example - Web Environment

5. Example - Beanstalk Environment

6. Example - Kubernetes Environment

7. Security

8. Building Images

9. Storing Docker Images

10. CICD

11. Configuration management

12. Docker storage drivers

13. Docker networking

14. Scheduling

15. Service discovery

16. Logging and monitoring

17. Reference