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About Us

About Us


Who are we? Well, here’s our philosophy

We are risk takers, tech lovers, and bibliophiles (in no particular order). We publish short ebooks that focus on early or hot topics that haven’t already been published to death. We know that sometimes a technology is in a state of flux, but we believe that waiting for the right moment to write a book is old fashioned. We approach book writing in collaborative, fluid ways. Sometimes a technology catches on, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the risk. But the journey is worth it.

Our Unique Process

We believe that collaboration fosters innovation. We often times bring together teams of authors from around the world to collaborate on books using a “booksprint.” What’s a booksprint? It consists of a number of authors working together and sharing ideas via Google Hangout for a weekend (or more). Through this process, we are able to publish books that are fluid and collaborative. We hope you enjoy the results.


Troy Mott has over fifteen years of experience in technical publishing, working in every facet of this industry. Troy is currently leading the startup of Bleeding Edge Press, an imprint of Backstop Media, which publishes at the speed of technology. He also manages Backstop Media, a company that collaborates with world-wide developers to create content specifically tailored to a company’s marketing needs.



Christina Rudloff has over seven years of experience in technical publishing, from acquisitions and contract negotiation, to editing, and marketing. She is a partner with Bleeding Edge Press and loves experimenting with new publishing processes. A professional instigator, she thrives on making things happen.

Over the past 15 years Bleeding Edge Press has worked with the following industry leaders: