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Mock Components – from Developing a React Edge


One powerful feature in React that you learned about earlier is composing components of other components. Having one component render another one is great for modularity and code reuse, but…

Why use gulp?


gulp is a build system as compared to a task runner, such as Grunt, although for all intents and purposes both tools can be used to accomplish the same result.…

Controllers in Ember.js


An excerpt from Developing an Ember.js Edge. Controllers have two responsibilities in Ember: Manage transient state for sections of the running application. This may involve setting properties on the controller,…

Ember Classes and Inheritance


An excerpt from Developing an Ember.js Edge. JavaScript is an object-oriented language, and features inheritance of properties and methods. Unlike Java, C#, Python, or Ruby, which all employ “classical” inheritance,…

The Mini Design Sprint Polishes iOS 7 App


We had the pleasure of working with Ellie Volckhausen on a mini design sprint. Under great time pressure, Ellie created the designs for our BepBop app, which has been submitted…

Download Chapter 10 from Developing an Ember.js Edge


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