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Developing a D3.js Edge


$19.99 U.S.
ISBN: 9781939902023
Published June 2013

Developing a D3.js Edge

By Chris Viau, Andrew Thornton, Ger Hobbelt, and Roland Dunn

D3 is a powerful framework for producing interactive data visualizations. Many examples created in the real world with D3, however, can best be described as "spaghetti code." So, if you are interested in using D3 in a reusable and modular way, which is of course in line with modern development practices, then this book is for you!

This book is aimed at intermediate developers, so to get the most from this book you need to know some JavaScript, and you should have experience creating graphics using D3. You will also want to have a good debugger handy (Chrome Developer panel or the Firefox/Firebug combo), to help you step through the many real world examples that you'll find in this book. You should also be somewhat comfortable with any of these concepts:

  • Using D3
  • Functions as first-class citizens
  • Closures
Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Standard D3.js
  • CHAPTER 2: Plugin Concepts
  • CHAPTER 3: The Reusable API
  • CHAPTER 4: Reusable Bar Chart
  • CHAPTER 5: Test Suite / Unit Tests
  • CHAPTER 6: Plugin Example
  • CHAPTER 7: Data Manager API
  • CHAPTER 8: Map API
  • CHAPTER 9: Introducing Crossfilter
  • CHAPTER 10: Adding Brushing
  • CHAPTER 11: Integrating Crossfilter
  • CHAPTER 12: Radial Histogram API
  • CHAPTER 13: Conclusion