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Learning Swift


$22.99 U.S.
ISBN: 9781939902115
Published September 2014

Learning Swift

Jocelyn Harrington, Christoffer Hallas, Clayton McIlrath, Paul Nettle, Ankur Patel

"This book is really great, it’s written in an easy to understand manner. It covers most of the major topics relevant for a beginning iOS game developer."
– Sash Zats, Software Developer

This book dives into the core of Swift and show readers how expressive and fun the Swift language is. Along the way you will learn how to create a 2D casual Pencil Adventure game that will help you learn the aspects of the Swift language (take a look at the source code: By the end, you will not only be comfortable with the Swift programming language, but you will be familiar working with Cocoa API's, having the tools and understanding necessary to tackle applications of any nature or size.

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Swift
  • CHAPTER 2: Game Development Process
  • CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Sprite Kit
  • CHAPTER 4: Platform Game
  • CHAPTER 5: Adding More Platform Features
  • CHAPTER 6: Adding Sound Effects
  • CHAPTER 7: Adding Visual Effects
  • CHAPTER 8: Level Select Theme
  • CHAPTER 9: Creating Levels
  • CHAPTER 10: Adding HUD Stats
  • CHAPTER 11: Saving Scores
  • CHAPTER 12: Advanced Game Topics
  • CHAPTER 13: Publishing The App
  • CHAPTER 14: Next Steps