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Kong – Becoming a King of API Gateways


$22.99 U.S.
ISBN: 9781939902511
176 pages
Published April 2018

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Kong: Becoming a King of API Gateways
Authors: Alex Kovalevych, Robert Buchanan, Daniel Lee, Chelsy Mooy, Xavier Bruhiere & Jose Ramon Huerga

"API gateways will eventually become a critical part of any web system. This material is quite fresh and interesting."

-Eber Herrera, CTO

"Nicely written and informative."

-Panagis Tselentis, DevOps Engineer

An API Gateway is an essential component in microservice architecture. This book is useful for IT architects, DevOps engineers, CTOs and security experts willing to understand how to use Kong to create and expose APIs. Even if you are not already familiar with Kong, it will only take a few minutes to create your first API.

Are you an architect interested in understanding how an API Gateway can simplify and improve security of a micorservices architecture? Are you a developer interested in knowing what you can do with Kong plugins, and how you can extend Kong with custom Lua plugins? Or are you an Ops / Sysadmin needing to know how
to operate Kong in a multi-region environment? This book addresses these needs and more.

By the end of this book, you will understand how to:

  • Use an API gateway to simplify and improve the security of your microservices architecture
  • Write Kong plugins with Lua
  • Deploy Kong and Cassandra in a multi-region environment
  • Use load balancing features

Table of Contents:

  • CHAPTER 1: Microservices Architecture
  • CHAPTER 2: API Gateway: A Rapidly Changing¬†Landscape
  • CHAPTER 3: Kong: API Gateway Disruptor
  • CHAPTER 4: Kong Architecture
  • CHAPTER 5: Meet Kong
  • CHAPTER 6: Extending Kong
  • CHAPTER 7: Integration with Others (Docker,¬†Kubernetes, and more)
  • CHAPTER 8: API Gateway Techniques
  • CHAPTER 9: API Security