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Drone Security with Robi Sen

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Learn about the future of autonomous vehicles, and how Mr. Robi Sen uses MESMER for drone security, and more. Robi Sen serves as the Chief Technical Officer of Department 13 International Limited. He served as Managing Partner and Senior Vice President of Government Practice at Twin Technologies, Inc. He has over 15 years of experience in senior and executive management. Mr. Sen is a communications industry professional with a 25 year career in IT, engineering and research on cutting edge projects for NASA, US Department of Energy and US Department of Defense. He isĀ an innovator with a track record of designing and building novel security systems, sensors, electronic warfare platforms and communication systems for industry and government customers. Mr. Sen was Founder and Vice President of Services at Department 13, LLC and also served as Chief Information Officer for Granularity Information Architecture, Inc. His interests are in developing novel systems to solve complex problems using his background in mathematics, engineering and information technology. Mr. Sen’s research focus revolves around using ad-hoc mobile networks, machine learning, wireless distributed computing platforms and security. He has authored numerous technical books including three books on Android Systems.

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