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Developing a Nuxt.js Edge

Nuxt.js cover

ISBN 978-1-939902-64-1

Published January 2020

Developing a Nuxt.js Edge

A Vue.js Framework

By: Sarthak Shrivastava

If you build modern web apps, then you need to try using Nuxt.js, the progressive framework based on Vue.js. Take advantage of Nuxt.js to easily create server-rendered Vue.js applications. You also benefit from this framework because it abstracts a lot of the configurations required with middleware and routing.

In this book you learn how to:

  • Get started with Nuxt.js
  • Build server-side-rendered single-page-applications (SPAs) in Nuxt.js
  • Build a weather application using an API in Nuxtjs
  • Make Nuxt.js an SEO-friendly application
  • Write effective, reusable and manageable Vue.js/JavaScript code