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Developing an AngularJS Edge


$19.99 U.S.
ISBN: 9781939902009
Published December 2016

Developing an Angular JS Edge

By Christopher Hiller

Covers version 1.0.5

Definitely a very nice book to start with AngularJS ... It complements the official documentation with real-life examples and experience. I will recommend it to my colleagues." – Konstantin Stepanov

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that can help you write web applications quickly using less code. AngularJS is not a library; it is not a collection of tools to help you achieve a specific goal. Rather, at its core, it is an entirely different way of thinking about writing web applications. As such, AngularJS has certain opinions about how you should be using it. Whereas in the vanilla JS world, you are given a blank canvas on which to paint, AngularJS provides structure, organization and patterns. In order to master AngularJS, you must understand how to adhere to its guidelines and why the guidelines exist in the first place.

This book is intended for intermediate JavaScript programmers. No attempt has been made to explain the JavaScript syntax used (except in the cases where AngularJS may introduce a peculiarity), nor do we explain concepts such as closures, function chaining, callbacks, or other common patterns.

What we do explain are basic AngularJS concepts, components, and their applications. We provide examples along the way, answer questions, and correct common misconceptions. Together, we’ll build a working single-page weblog application using AngularJS, which will help you become proficient with using AngularJS to go out and create your own applications.


Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Getting Started with AngularJS
  • CHAPTER 2: AngularJS Core Concepts
  • CHAPTER 3:: The Model in Detail
  • CHAPTER 4: The View in Detail
  • CHAPTER 5:Chapter 5: The Controller in Detail
  • CHAPTER 6:Chapter 6: The Directive in Detail
  • CHAPTER 7:Chapter 7: Services, Factories, and Providers
  • CHAPTER 8:Chapter 8: Filters
  • CHAPTER 9:Chapter 9: Practical Applications
  • CHAPTER 10:Chapter 10: AngularJS and Third Party Tech