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Building Voice-Enabled Apps with Alexa


$22.99 U.S.
191 pages
Published Jan 2017

Building Voice-Enabled Apps with Alexa

"Anyone starting with Alexa should start here." – Raj Nigam, Developer

Learn to create an Alexa skill from scratch with this comprehensive resource. This book demonstrates the core concepts behind conversational UI and building voice-enabled apps with the Alexa framework (the examples in this book are easy to understand, but having some experience with Node.js and web development is helpful). The book focuses on a general understanding of why voice-enabled apps are important, along with easy-to-understand examples for building your first apps for the Amazon Echo. By the end of the book you will understand the importance of conversational UI, how to build and test your first Alexa app for the Echo, and how to publish your software to the Alexa app store for the world to see.

This book provides simple examples demonstrating the core principles of voice interface design, including more subtle nuances of great apps and advanced concepts, like monetization and security. As fans of this technology, our goal for this book is also to give an inspiring look at the future.

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction
  • CHAPTER 2: Alexa Overview
  • CHAPTER 3: Developing and Deploying a Skill
  • CHAPTER 4: Submitting, Certifying, and Monetizing
  • CHAPTER 5: The Future