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Building Apps with Riot


$22.99 U.S.
ISBN 9781939902504
145 pages
Published March 2018

Building Apps with Riot

By: John Nolette, Collin Green, Ryan Lee, James Sparkman, and Joseph Szczesniak

"While there are many different libraries and frameworks built by FE devs, I feel Riot has its own set of features and elegance that attracts more users towards it. I found the book to be extremely more helpful than other books as the reading was smooth, with nice transitions and examples, which made the flow of the book very light. It wasn’t a dictionary of new unseen words thrown at you, but some new concepts of tag management, observables, and mixins to aid in web development."

-Subin Raj Shrestha, Quality Assurance Test Analyst

Are you a file-size conscious developer who wants to build apps? Are you looking to move away from jQuery, but not switch to React? Although the JavaScript frameworks landscape is crowded, Riot offers developers something unique. Riot is the middle ground between React and Vue, and fits perfectly with WordPress. It is accessible and can be used as a foundation for learning about JavaScript frameworks and SPAs.

This book will show you how Riot works inside and out so that you can judge the framework for yourself. It provides an overview on developing websites, web applications, and web components. Throughout the course of this book you will learn all of the essential aspects of Riot necessary to start hacking away.

You don’t need any prior experience with the Riot framework to follow along in this book, but we do assume you are a mid level JavaScript developer who is well acquainted with popular build tools, industry standards, and typical frontend workflows.

The code samples provided in this book make use of conventions from ES6, otherwise known as ECMAScript 6 or “Harmony." Many code samples from this book are pulled from our example dashboard application, which can be found here: The dashboard application should not be taken as a boilerplate or format for structuring Riot applications, but it can serve as an informative reference.

CHAPTER 1: Understanding basic concepts
CHAPTER 2: Building a Riot application
CHAPTER 3: Data integration in Riot applications
CHAPTER 4: Animations
CHAPTER 5: Finishing Touches
CHAPTER 6: Realistic expectations