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Hot New Release: Building Apps with Riot

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There is no shortage of front-end frameworks and libraries, but if you are a file-conscious developer who is building applications, or you want to move away from jQuery but don’t want to switch to React, Riot can offer you something unique. The Riot framework is the middle ground between React and Vue. It is accessible and can be used as a foundation for learning about JavaScript frameworks and SPAs, and is a complete solution for web components.

Being open stack, Riot is a framework that compliments the view layer and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing stacks. Riot is perfect for creating anything from plug-and-play widgets or components for existing websites to entire websites and web applications. If you’re just getting into web components, or feel other frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue are too opinionated or bloated for your stack, then you will likely find working with this micro framework enjoyable. It is an unopinionated, elegant, and modern library that gives developers the flexibility necessary to build whatever they want, however they want, without imposing strict semantics, workflows, or architectural patterns.

If you’re interested in learning more about developing websites, web applications, and web components, check out our new book, “Building Apps with Riot.


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