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Developing a React.js Edge



$22.99 U.S.
ISBN: 9781939902122

Frankie Bagnardi, Jonathan Beebe, Richard Feldman, Tom Hallett, Simon Hojberg, Karl Mikkelsen

React.js was born to bring the PHP style work flow to client side applications. React.js has a narrow scope, and it is concerned with only updating the DOM and responding to events. React.js is not a Model-View-Controller framework; it is actually the V in MVC. This narrow scope gives you the freedom to incorporate React into a wide variety of systems. In this book we cover all aspects of React.js with the help of a Survey Builder example.

Chapter 1. Introduction to React.js

Chapter 2. JSX

Chapter 3. Component Lifecycle

Chapter 4. Data Flow

Chapter 5. Event Handling

Chapter 6. Composing Components

Chapter 7. Mixins

Chapter 8. DOM Manipulation

Chapter 9. Forms

Chapter 10. Animations

Chapter 11. Performance Tuning

Chapter 12. Server Side Rendering

Chapter 13. Addons

Chapter 14. Tools and Debugging

Chapter 15. Testing

Chapter 16. Build Tools

Chapter 17. Architectural Patterns

Chapter 18. In the family

Chapter 19. Uses